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Hugo Bladel

21 May, 2021

What is HUGE?

I am a proudly independent Tasmanian musician and HUGE is my debut album! It's a hometown record that tells stories about growing up in Hobart, the journey of self discovery and takes a deep dive into my emotional world.

I am enormously proud of HUGE. It’s full of joy, love, loss, adventure and spontaneity. It’s raw, vulnerable, honest and completely me. Heavily influenced by my love for Funk, Soul and Hip Hop - it’s the strongest collection of songs I have ever written.

I feel so blessed to be able to make songs for a living and this is made possible by the support and generosity of collaborators and people who connect with my music.

Where does the money go?

There are a lot of costs involved in successfully releasing an album. The process includes composing, recording, refining, distributing and marketing.


Your support will help me:

  • Have the album mixed by Allan McConnell, one of Tassie’s finest exports and half of electronic jazz duo, Close Counters.
  • Have the album mastered by Wayne Sunderland, previously worked with Dom Dolla, Young Franco and Golden Features.
  • Manufacture and distribute CD’s, Vinyl and merch.
  • Pay the wonderful Tasmanian artist Aaron Ashwood for designing the album artwork. 
  • Pay for the creation of music videos.
  • Obtain media publicity and online advertising.

Cost Breakdown:

Recording sessions with featured artists - $1800

Mixing and mastering - $4000

Album Artwork Design - $500

Video production - $2000

Publicity - $1700


Total Target: $10,000


This is by no means an exhaustive list of the costs associated with putting this record out into the world. Any funds beyond our target will go towards Postage, Photography, Website design, Outstanding recording costs, Merchandise production and Touring!

How can I help?

If you would like to hear this finished record, please consider pre-ordering it here digitally, on CD or vinyl. There are also a number of other exclusive rewards on this page which I had fun dreaming up and I hope some of you will enjoy!


If you are not in a position to pledge to this campaign then please consider sharing it or passing it on to the attention of someone who may be interested. Thank you all so much for your support!


Lots of love,


Reward Details

Check out the rewards below (hit the small arrow to browse) - there are heaps of cool options to choose from!

Terms and conditions:

All reward options to be delivered in late July.

If you’re supporting from overseas, your rewards will incur an additional $30 shipping fee.

We will deliver Sneak Peek rewards to you via email.

If you are ordering a HUGE T shirt or a HUGE Package, we will be in touch via email to confirm your size and shipping details.

If you are ordering HUGE vinyl then we will contact you via email to confirm shipping details.

Party At Your Place is available to book anytime from the time of donation.

Please consider that the Party At Your Place reward will:

  • Be organised through Hugo’s booking agent (we will contact you via email)
  • Feature a 5 minute freestyle moment
  • Be in the Greater Hobart region in Tasmania, Australia
  • Go for a duration of 3 hours
  • Be subject to Hugo’s availability and working hours

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Hugo Bladel
27 May, 2021

Have you got a record player!?

Check out the 'For The Record' reward - if you donate $60, you get a limited edition HUGE vinyl delivered to your door!



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